Social Emotional Health (SEH) Community Engagement Coordinator

The SEH Community Engagement Coordinator will be integral in building bridges and cultivating partnerships with parents, families, and leaders in Norwalk communities. We believe that goals and outcomes towards system transformation that are created with the community instead of for the community are much more likely to meet the needs of young people and their families.

The SEH Community Engagement Coordinator will assist with the development of Norwalk ACTS’ community outreach and engagement plan specifically aligned with the SEH Initiative Plan Goals and Objectives. Also, they will work with a diverse array of community members and stakeholders to support the SEH Action Plan. Together, the backbone staff will work with cross-sector partners to enable exceptional results across multiple initiatives.


Coordinator of Workforce Development

We are looking for candidates for this fantastic opportunity to help support and build a workforce development infrastructure for Norwalk residents. To apply for the position, please email a brief cover letter and your resume to