The need for racial equity in Norwalk is critical and nonnegotiable – it is central to the work of Norwalk ACTS. Since its inception, the lack of racial equity has driven, and continues to drive, our work. As such, we recognize the need to center the lived experiences of the BIPOC community and for Norwalk residents to lead and guide our work. We also recognize intersectionality is crucial to equity work. The different identities we hold overlap and affect how we experience discrimination. Examples are race, ethnicity, class, gender identity and sexual orientation. That work requires a commitment to developing anti-racist policies, practices and behaviors to empower those within the community.

We are committed to transforming the way we work with equity woven into the fabric of Norwalk ACTS. Of every endeavor, we need to ask, ‘Will this move racial equity forward?’ and ensure that our commitment to equity is consistently reinforced by our collective action to improve outcomes for historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed peoples in Norwalk. This is a continuous learning journey that requires humility, vulnerability, the willingness to adapt and embrace failure. Our work and our equity statement will evolve as we progress and learn new perspectives and information on this journey towards anti-racist action.

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