Cornerstones are the key ‘ingredients’ embedded into all of our work along the cradle to career continuum. They are essential elements to moving the needle on population level changes. 


Norwalk ACTS believes that Behind Every Data Point is a Child. We owe it to our children to know their larger story by collecting, connecting, and analyzing multiple data points, over time, across the cradle-to-career continuum. 

Policy and Advocacy

The purpose of our policy and advocacy work is to engage, educate, and empower community members and partners to be civically active and advocate for equitable policies across the cradle to career continuum. 

Social Justice & Racial Equity

The need for racial equity in Norwalk is critical and nonnegotiable – it is central to the work of Norwalk ACTS. Since inception, the lack of racial equity has driven, and continues to drive, our work.

Community Engagement

Our goal is to ensure that Norwalk community members most impacted by systems change work are in leadership positions raising their voices, developing solutions, and making decisions that achieve equitable outcomes.