There is a Child

Behind Every Data Point.

As students move through the education pipeline, they must obtain the academic, social/emotional, and health and wellness tools necessary to transition successfully to the next level.

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Establishing the Baseline.

In our baseline report, we present a snapshot of what Norwalk looks like today – its population as a whole and the students attending the Norwalk Public Schools. The data is both sobering and inspiring. It is sobering because it tells a story that is unacceptable for some of our children. It is inspiring because it will allow the Membership of Norwalk ACTS to separate the data into constituent parts, identify trends, and persistently align priorities, activities, and existing resources to support all of Norwalk’s children at key points across the cradle-to-career continuum.

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We’re about Action.

All the work that has brought Norwalk ACTS to where it is today has been focused on building partnership infrastructure and capacity, convening qualified and committed cross-sector community teams, and collecting baseline data so that the Membership can deliver on its stated mission.

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