Each and Every Child

Cradle to Career

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Norwalk ACTS is a member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, a national img_strivenetwork of 70 community partnerships in 32 states and Washington D.C. using a rigorous approach to accelerate progress and sustain success in education. Together, the Network impacts more than 8 million students nationwide.

Locally, Norwalk ACTS is a diverse partnership of over 100 civic leaders, educators and organizations working collectively to achieve the mission of enriching and improving the lives and futures of all Norwalk’s children, cradle to career.




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Organized around key outcomes.

Focused on continuous improvement.

We are about Action.

To ensure the success of all children in Norwalk, we are focused on results, improving upon what works, and changing what doesn’t. We recognize that every individual and organization that impacts our children’s growth, from cradle to career, is accountable, and that our collective voice is a part of the solution.

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