Data Dashboards and Reports

NPS Four-Year Graduation Rates Visualization

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Dashboard

This Dashboard includes information about NPS school demographics, assessments, and tests for each school and includes the School Improvement Plan for 2019-20 for each

Norwalk Public Schools At-A-Glance (includes trend)

Use this dashboard for a quick look at the NPS student demographics and geography, as well as trend data for population, ELL, FRL, and ethnicity

2020 TEAM Summer Asset Portal and Directory

This site lists the programs and details for Norwalk summer program providers

Norwalk Housing Authority Data Dashboard

This dashboard illustrates the demographic, geography and assessment results for the cohort of students who reside in Norwalk Housing Authority properties.

Community Profile on Norwalk’s Children

This report details the poverty rates, well-being and school readiness of the children under the age of 6 that live in Norwalk.

2018 Community Impact Report

This is the detailed data report published by Norwalk ACTS in March of 2018

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Attitudes & Behaviors Survey Results – Full Report

Attitudes & Behaviors Executive Summary

Attitudes & Behaviors Survey – Fact Sheet

School Improvement Dashboard

Norwalk Public Schools At-A-Glance

2020 TEAM Summer Asset Portal and Directory

Norwalk Housing Authority Data Dashboard