One of the five conditions of Collective Impact is Shared Measurement.  We collect, analyze and use data in order to inform our action planning process. Below are some of the resources that we use to gather public data from outside Norwalk and compare ourselves to other communities.

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A conversation with Norwalk ACTS Data Director

Data is defined as facts about something that can be used in calculating, reasoning, or planning. It is critically important we all understand how Norwalk ACTS uses data  Click here to read more.

Connecticut Youth Opportunity Atlas (

This report analyzes town-by-town data to map outcomes related to opportunity such as teen birth rates and academic achievement. Click here for report. Click here for the interactive Tableau page to explore the data yourself.

Connecticut Data Collaborative (

The Connecticut Data Collaborative is a public-private partnership that advocates for the public availability of open and accessible data to drive planning, policy, budgeting and decision making in Connecticut at the state, regional and local levels. Click here to visit their site to access the public data from around the state.

CTMirror Your School Comparison (

This tool enables you to explore data points for any school in CT. Click here to get comprehensive look at staff and student demographics, school resources, student achievement data and more. This is a great tool for parents and community members to learn about your child’s school.

DataHaven  (

DataHaven has a 25-year history of public service to Connecticut.  Relevant links include: